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 Canfield Coffee Company
proud sponsor of GLA News
Announces a new coffee breakthrough


Coffee Day Beans Shipped ON the Roast Date




The Roasting Date Is (was) Missing and why is that important?

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The Canfield family are the sole editors and producers of GLA News. The new Canfield coffee breakthrough will make its debut right here on GLA News in May 2017. Pre-orders will be accepted soon… Experience the best supremo coffee as it was intended every day. Coffee Day Beans are a service mark of Canfield Coffee Company.

Whoa. Turkey Bombs US-Backed Rebels in Syria

[ad_1] The American and Russian governments are up-in-arms today after the government of Turkey launched an attack on US-backed Syrian and Iraqi-Kurdish rebels, killing at least 30. From Fox News: Dozens of fighters were also wounded in the strikes. Both officials...

Marine Le Pen: ‘Survival of France’ At Stake in Second Round

In a victory speech Sunday evening, Front National anti-mass migration candidate Marine Le Pen called on patriots in France to support her against Emmanuel Macron, who she called the heir of unpopular French President Francois Hollande. by Chris Tomlinson – Ms...

Muslim persecution of Christians ensues unabated

‘Spit on the Cross or Die!’ Tragic stories of Christian experiences under the Islamic State continued to emerge throughout the month of January.  A Christian doctor who forfeited the chance to escape his Syrian village after ISIS had captured it because he wanted to...
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